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You’re Allowed To Move On

You’re allowed to move on. To move on from a life that has done nothing but bruise you. To move on from a friend who has done nothing but belittle you. And to move on from a past lover, who did nothing but break you.

There’s nothing wrong with moving on. So many times we are taught to stay silent. We are taught to stay hidden. We are told to not speak out. We are told to avoid confrontation at all costs.

But what about when someone is hurting us? What about when something is killing us? What do we do then? Stay silent? Remain tight lipped? No. We have to speak out. We have to do something.

So move on.

Move on from your little town that has left you stagnant. Move on from the places that feel like quicksand when you walk through them. Move on from the usual coffee shops and stores that leave you with droopy eyes and a weary heart. Move on from all that you are used to. From your comfort zone.

Move on from a life that has bruised your ego. From a life that has done nothing but pour tragedy and disaster into your heart. Move on from the past that has you reeling every time you look back on it. Move on from the ugly ghosts that haunt you to this day.

Move on from the people who have done nothing but damage you. Move on from your so called ‘friends’ who do nothing but taunt and tease you. Move on from the people who take and take. And all you do is give. Dear, all you do is give.

You’re allowed to move on. It’s okay, you know. To say goodbye to your past. To wave goodbye to the life you once knew. To not look back on the life you hated. To not look back on the people who did nothing but spit on you.

It’s more than okay.

Move on. Give yourself a new life. The kind of life you deserve. The kind of life that’s happy and worthy of you. Don’t look back. Promise you won’t look back. It’s okay to go. It’s okay to look ahead. I swear to you, you are better off. Better off without that life. Better off without those people.

Do it for all of them. Do it for that little town. Do it for those people who hated you. And most importantly, do it for yourself. For your future self. For your better self.

You’re allowed to move on. And you’re allowed to smile while you do it.

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