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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness   Pregnancy. It’s a time when parents dream of the child they will someday meet, when they look through baby books for names, decide on nursery decor, and imagine what life will be like when their child arrives. When these dreams and hopes are cut short by miscarriage, still birth, […]

NOT simply done

NOT simply done   The point of this blog might be stated simply, healing the grief. If you have ever lost any one close to you, you know that is NOT simply done. After an abortion many woman feel numerous things. Some woman state they feel fine. And go on about their everyday lives until […]

What is peer pressure?

What is peer pressure? Peer pressure is very normal for young people to go through. Peer pressure happens when someone tries to influences your decisions on what you should or shouldn’t do. They may even try to stop you from doing something that you love to do. You may want to ‘fit in’ or be […]

PID — What the heck is it?

PID — What the heck is it? Most of us shy away from the discussions of sexually transmitted diseases. Understandably so, it’s just plain uncomfortable. Sometimes uncomfortable is a good thing though. It can help and maybe even prevent pain or difficulty in the long run. So, here we are getting all uncomfortable together… This […]

Abstinence: A Positive Approach

Helping You Resist Sexual Pressure You might be more likely to have sex if: Entering puberty early Socialize with others who approve of and encourage sexual activity Place little value on education Have a poor relationship with your parents, particularly a father Rarely attend religious instruction or services   Did you answer yes to any […]

Mean Girls …part 2

Mean girls. You’ve seen them. You know them. Have you ever thought, ever wondered, why are mean girls mean? One mom described this to her daughter: Some girls are mean because they don’t feel good about themselves and hurting another makes them feel stronger and powerful. Also, some girls have mean parents and so that […]

Self Improvement

Spring is a great time to clean out the clutter. This will enable you to keep the good relationships and throw out the bad ones.  Consider our list of decluttering techniques to help you make healthier connections. 1. Be ok with just you.  Are you someone who always finds yourself in one relationship after another without […]


Does this sound familiar? Jennifer became pregnant at the age of fifteen. It was her second date with a man who was a few years older. Even though he frightened her, she thought it was a normal sexual experience. She was wrong. It was date rape. Jennifer confided in a friend that she was pregnant. […]

I Knew I Made a Mistake

“I Knew I Made a Mistake” Have you taken the abortion pill RU486 and changed your mind? It may not be too late!  Twenty year old Rebekah Buell found out she was pregnant. Feeling ashamed, alone, and afraid of losing all she had worked for, she went to an abortion clinic and took the first […]

Roles of a Parent

A survey of 1280 teenagers found that 73 percent say that their relationship with their parents is what makes them happy. This presents some valuable information: the parent-child relationship is one of the most important. “The relationship that parents share with their child is one that impacts a child throughout his or her lifetime.” With […]

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