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Domestic Violence: Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

Name 3 women you know. Think about them for a moment…According to National statistics there is a good chance that one of them has or will experience physical violence from their intimate partner in their lifetime. That’s right, your friend, sister, boss, and maybe even yourself may see the darkness of abuse. What does this […]

Role Models

Remembering back to school days…were you ever asked these questions: Who is your role model? Who do you want to be like when you grow up? Have you asked yourself those questions recently? Despite what many might think, we need and have role models as adults. So, who are these people and how do they […]

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound A general ultrasound is a noninvasive medical procedure. Ultrasound machines are unlike x-rays. No radiation is involved in an ultrasound so they are not harmful to people. How does an ultrasound machine work? Ultrasound imaging uses sounds waves to view the inside of the body. Ultrasounds are also referred to as ultrasound scanning and […]

Healthy Dating and Marriage Relationships

Have you ever stood back and admired a relationship? Maybe it was your grandparents, a close friend, or a sweet couple you observed on the street. For a moment you stop, there is something breathtaking, something special and you wonder, “What is it? What do they have?” Relationships like that don’t just happen overnight. Contrary […]

How Early can a Pregnancy Test be Taken

No longer do women have to wait until a missed period to take a pregnancy test. Technology has changed our world; making pregnancy tests accurate earlier and more affordable. So how early can a pregnancy test be taken? Let’s learn a little about the female body before we answer that question. Ovulation Each month an […]

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